Hundred Islands in Alaminos

As mentioned in my other post, last April 30 to May 1 my high school friends and I went to a Bolinao-Hundred Island Travel Tour through Explore Island Philippines. Now I will share with you guys the pictures of our second day in Pangasinan.

After our first day in Bolinao, we checked in Villa Antolin. It was a simple yet amazingly clean hotel with warm water shower and soft beds. I had such a good night sleep that I was wide awake and enthusiastic for the Hundred Island tour. Look at all the pictures we took below and the amazing view we were rewarded when we decided to walk up the Governor's Island. It is one of just three islands that you could actually walked on.

This is the name of our boat around Hundred Islands
Some of the Hundred Islands
God is amazing. Look at those islands.
It was Bangus Festival when we went there.

Islands here and there

Our Itinierary

Day 1

Day 2

09:00am Start of Hundred Island tour
02:00pm ETD from Bolinao
07:00pm ETA at Trinoma


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