Family Day Trip to Seattle, WA

My mom's birthday is the same weekend as Father's Day, so we decided to take a day trip to Seattle, Washington, USA. We left home at 5:30 AM and went to the car rental with my younger sister, her boyfriend, me, and Jomar. She rented an 8-seater minivan which is perfect for us. We picked them up in Richmond and left their home to start our drive at around 6:30 AM. We went through the usual USA border processing with our Canadian passports (woohoo!) and my dad's Philippine passport and US visa. We had a short stopover at a McDonald's. Pike Place Public Market Center , Seattle, WA, on a rainy spring day Then, we're off to Target near Pike Place Market. My youngest sister wants to see what Target looks like. It's her first time in Seattle. It's also our brother's first time in the city. We explored Pike Place (mostly lining up at the excellent food plac

Italian Day on The Drive 2023

After joining the fun run at RBC Run for the Kids in Queen Elizabeth Park, we rode the bus to Commercial Drive and attended Italian Day on The Drive 2023. It's our first time joining the festivities! Italian Day 2023 starts at 12:00 NN, and this picture of the crowd is taken at 12:03 PM. I love it! Of course, I was there for the food and ate a lot. My favourite part of the event is the Italian cars on display. It reminded me of 'Luigi' from the Pixar movie Cars. There's also a Vespa! It's Luigi from the Pixar movie Cars. Vespa We saw a street performer doing live fire and magic tricks right before we left. It was awesome. #Selfie If you want to see what we ate, click