PNE Winter Fair

Happy Wednesday! Jomar and I went to the first day of the PNE Winter Fair. We left home after office hours and arrived at the PNE shortly before 6:00 PM.

The entrance is near the Pacific Coliseum, not at Hastings and Renfrew's corner.

Winter Lights, presented by BC Hydro

One of the first lights you will see is the Winter Lights display. But, then, there are the star, train, and gifts.

Arc and Star



A smaller present.

After admiring the first section of WinterLights, we took a peek inside the Tim Hortons Ice Rink at PNE Agrodome.

Tim Hortons Ice Rink at PNE Agrodome

After a quick pick at the ice rink, we walked through the Polar Passage, my favourite part of the PNE Winter Fair. I think we walked back and forth under these lights more than five times during our 3 hours there.

There is a couple Christmas tree at the PNE Winter Fair. The "normal" looking one near the ice rink and the Christmas Tree covered in purple lights which you can walk through.

Purple Walkthrough Christmas Tree

Carolers near Candy Cane Lane

I enjoyed walking through Candy Cane Lane and admiring the life-size candy display.

Then, there's the Winter Creatures display. Bear, reindeer, and other winter creatures are on display.

Winter Creatures at PNE Winter Fair

Winter Creatures at PNE Winter Fair

Foxes at PNE Winter Fair

Beautiful Unicorn

One of my favourite displays: is Santa's Sleigh and Reindeer.

To keep ourselves warm, we took a peek inside Holiday Theatre and were just in time for the live show: The Magic of Santa Holiday Musical.

The Magic of Santa Holiday Musical in Holiday Theatre in support of World Vision.

Before heading home and while enjoying our Christmas Dinner Poutine, we decided to go inside the Dueling Pianos tent and were rewarded with live music.

Dueling Pianos at PNE Winter Fair

We left the fair a few minutes after 9:00 PM and had a fun Wednesday date. This is the last event we planned outside the Christmas Eve dinner with the family.


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