Top 19 for 2019

I have so many ideas on how to do this year-end post. I thought of doing a per month summary or a top 19 things that happened this 2019. I'm writing this December 30th, and I still haven't decided.

I'll look at Google Photos and see what happened each month and see if I can present it in a better way. Let's do this!

Update on December 31: I started a monthly summary and picked the top 19 events that happened this year. Disclaimer: I didn't include birthdays. This list is arranged chronologically.
Number 1. Staycation at Pan Pacific Hotel We welcomed 2019 by staying overnight at Pan Pacific Hotel (you can read the details here). The primary reason for our stay is to watch the Vancouver New Year fireworks.

Number 2. Vancouver Aquarium at night Jomar's workplace has organized a winter party at the Vancouver Aquarium. There were lots of food, great music, and watching the fishes and sea creatures at night is just a different experience.

Number 3. Wedding preparation…

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas is the biggest and most important holiday in our family. Jomar and I have been sleeping over at my parent's place every Christmas. My sisters also choose a specific cuisine to cook. This year, we have French cuisine.

Now, we had dinner and are going to watch movies until 12mn so we can exchange gifts. Merry Christmas, everyone!