My Canadian Passport and the First Weekend of June

It's a busy first weekend of June for us. It's filled with activities Jomar, and I enjoy.

Friday Evening - Canada Passport Processing Time

The "weekend" starts right after working hours are over on a Friday. So last Friday, we went straight to the nearest Canada Post to get a package, specifically my Canadian Passport. After 12 weeks of waiting, it's finally in my possession.

Steps For Me (In Person) For My Sister (By Mail)
Date of Receipt March 11, 2022 April 5, 2022
Credit Card Charge March 11, 2022 May 9, 2022
Passport Received June 3, 2022 May 13, 2022

Movie of the Night: Top Gun (1985)

After admiring my Canadian Passport and preparing dinner, we watched Top Gun (1986). It's the first time we're watching it as we prepare to watch the second movie.

I now understand some of the references in pop culture from the movie. The plot wasn't perfect (I find it choppy), but it's alright. I miss my high school friends during moments like this as we overanalyze character development and plot lines.


Our first agenda for Saturday was to visit the one and only food truck in TGIF (Thank Granville It's Friday) for brunch. 

On our walk going home, we stopped by the Vancouver library Firehall location so I could have an updated library card. I moved the Vancouver four years ago and was still using my Richmond card. After sorting that out, we went around the library to see what books were available, and I spotted this Harry Potter gem which I had borrowed.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC at BC Place

Then, we walked to BC Place to watch the Vancouver Whitecaps FC match against Real Salt Lake FC. We won! I can't believe it.

View from Cambie Bridge

View from Cambie Bridge at 2x zoom

Top Gun: Maverick at Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver

The game ended shortly after 6:00 PM, and we had more than enough time before the start of Top Gun: Maverick. We're watching in Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver AVX D-BOX. AVX D-BOX is designed for this movie. It's crazy how we would lean left and right depending on what's happening on the screen. Moreover, our seats would vibrate when the engines are the focus. It's truly immersive.

Cineplex Snacks


I will update this portion at the end of the day tomorrow. The ones above were written Saturday evening.

Sunday update:
We planned to watch the Canada Men's National Team friendly match against Panama today, but it was cancelled. We learned about the cancellation on our way to BC Place. The afternoon was filled with anger, disappointment, and sadness over what was happening to the beautiful sports in Canada.

Ready to support Canada Men's and Women's National Team


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