Food Trip near La Salle Taft: Exile on Main Street

+Joshua has been raving that we try this restaurant along Leon Guinto Street, walking distance from De La Salle University-Manila. Last August 16 (Saturday), we (+Jomar, +Wayne, and Mitch) gave it a shot. We went there a little before 6:00 PM, and thankfully, we arrived at that time! There's a board games night (every Saturday from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM) organized by a group of people so the place could get noisy and crowded during Saturday evening. According to Josh and his friend, it's not usually like that.

The Service

The service is okay. The waiter who served us didn't smile at all. He also looked tired and impatient. At first, I was a bit disappointed by that, but I just told myself that it's okay. I mean, I could imagine how tired he might be running around getting and serving orders from all the people inside such a small place! Still, the service could have been better.

The Food

What it lacked on service, it compensates with the yummy food. +Wayne had the Tinapesto which was pesto pasta topped with tinapa. It was great! The serving is good for sharing since Wayne shared his Tinapesto with us. Too bad I was not able to take a photo of it! Probably, next time.

+Jomar and I (mostly me) decided to try as many menu items as possible and ordered a lot of food. First, we ordered the Chicks-Shall-Fly (12 pieces @ Php 205.00) because I wanted to try both the Escape to China and Escape to Texas sauce. I love wings, so this made me happy! Escape to Texas was a bit spicy (the way I like it) while Escape to China was on the sweeter side (the way Jomar loves it) of things. Again, no photos because as soon as it arrived, we each grab our wing. Hungry kids!

On top of the Chicks-Shall-Fly, we also had the Thigh Me Up, Thigh Me Down in Escape to China sauce. We ordered 2-pcs with rice @ Php 130.00.

On top of the chicken dished, Jomar and I had, we also ordered The White Stripes. It's pasta on a white sauce with tasty meatballs. Though as a pesto lover, I still prefer the Tinapesto.

Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience even if people would suddenly shout because of the intense board game session happening around us. The interior was also lovely, too bad I was not able to take a photo (too crowded), but well, it's a good reason to come back! Though, if you want a quiet place to have long conversations with friends, don't go here on a Saturday evening.


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