Day 3 of PH Vacation. Errands

This post is first of my PH vacation series:

This is the 4th blog post of my Philippine vacation last February and it's describing our 3rd day back in Manila. It's Monday, February 18. Because jet lag is real, we were already awake at 5:00 in the morning. The agenda for the day is quite boring.

  1. Go to Tita Mimi (our seamstress and designer) in Muntinlupa
  2. Go to Pioneer to get the property title of the condominium.
  3. Go to Ortigas to withdraw money from our stocks account.

Good morning!

Tita Mimi is referred to us by Ms. Myna and she lived all the way in Muntinlupa which will be a challenge to go to. At 5 in the morning, I told Jomar, we should rent a car to go there. He said, sure. I sent Ms. Myna and Hester of QSR to see if we can book a car for the same day and I would totally understand if we can't because it's the same day - you just don't do that.

While waiting for a response, we had to meet Jossel and Rose near their workplace to get JT's baptismal certificate. The four of us had breakfast in McDonald's.

Because Hester is an angel, she was able to get us a car. Now, we're waiting for the car at McDonald's while enjoying or Shake Shake Fries.

Tita Mimi

We went to Muntinlupa and Tita Mimi is one of the most glamorous people I've met. I wore my gown and they tried to figure out alteration and what she's going to do. We also scheduled to go back on Wednesday with Nanay, my maid-of-honor, and bridesmaids.


After that, we went to Robinsons Pioneer Center to have our 2x2 picture taken which is a requirement by Manila Cathedral and made photocopies of all our documents. We also had lunch at KFC. The gravy is so yummy. I went back to the gravy station so many times.

I went to the condo admin office and they had no idea about the title (which is annoying). They told me to go to the main office in Robinsons Galleria.


We went to our broker in Ortigas to get some money because we really didn't have any coming to the Philippines. Then, off to Robinsons Galleria to get the condo title. It took around 30 minutes and we decided to have snacks in the grocery - I had turon and boiled corn. So yummy! Jomar even purchased buko juice.

We had dinner with Mitch at Kenny Rogers. I only had side dish sampler because of diet. But had an ice cream sandwich at Dairy Queen.

Such a long day but we completed our goals for the day and I am happy.


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