Day 2 of PH Vacation. Confirmation and Time with Friends

This post is first of my PH vacation series:

It's our second day in Manila. We arrived at our hotel at around 10:00 PM. We checked in to freshen up, unpacked, and we're in bed by 11:00 PM. I woke up at 1:00 AM then at 4:00 AM.


I sent father an SMS at 4:00 AM to let him know that we're awake and he could pick us up. We went downstairs and plans to call father and he just arrived. Perfect timing. We had breakfast at a nearby McDonald's. The hot chocolate is not as good as the one from Canada.


The confirmation process at National Shrine of Saint Michael and the Archangels (NSSMA) is excellent.

What do you need to prepare before going to NSSMA for confirmation?

  • Original and Photocopy Baptismal Certificate
  • Php 650 per person
  • A pair of Ninong and Ninang (yes, you need 2 people)
  • Wear a plain white shirt with a collar

What will happen when you get there?

  1. The guard will start giving out forms and number per candidate.
  2. Once the office opens, each candidate will enter and give their documents to Window 2. Then, you pay the Php 650 and get a claim stub on Window 3.
  3. By 9:00 AM, all candidates and Ninong and Ninang (godparents) will enter the Church for the seminar.
  4. After the confirmation, they will call each candidate to give the certificate.

Lunch at Casa Roces

After the confirmation, we had lunch at nearby Casa Roces. It's so expensive but the food is excellent. We ordered Paella and Lengua and others that I can't remember. I am so glad they accept foreign credit card because I don't want to decrease the limited peso that we have.

Coat and Tie for Entourage

After lunch, we went to Gardini Fashion Center. We will rent our coat and tie for our entourage here. We were with Papa and we waited for Wayne, Mama Chelle and Josh, Mitch, and Nanay, Tatay, and Jossel.

Getting Papa's measurements for his custom attire for the wedding.

I was teasing Papa while taking the photo because we were the only ones there (it wasn't busy YET). "Eeeh mas excited si Papa sa kasal" LOL. Ms. Carina said, "Siyempre, ihahatid ka niya sa altar, minsan lang yun". I think my father got teary eyed.

Wayne! Jomar's Best Man.

Time with Friends

After that, we went to Yellow Cab for dinner and spent the 5 hours catching up about life and love. I am so happy and blessed to have wonderful people in my life! My love tank is so full.

So happy to be with Happy Friends!

There were days that I would sometimes want to go back and live in Manila because all our friends are there but well, Jomar and I made a decision to live in Vancouver.


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