We'll be back home in a week!

Jomar and I will be back in Manila a week from now! Yes, we will be flying back home to complete our wedding requirements and be in the Philippines for a week. I am sure it will be a crazy busy week but I am so excited to see Jomar's family, my dad, our friends, and to eat all the Filipino food I've been craving for.

I decided to make a list of restaurant that I want to visit in a week. Jomar and I have been focusing on losing weight (which is one of our goals this year) and in preparation for the food trip we plan to do back home.
  • Shakey's Pizza - can't wait to eat their Chicken and Mojos.
  • Giligan's Restaurant - excited to try their Kare-Kareng Gulay, Pork Sisig, and Fried Garlic Chicken.
  • Jollibee - I want to eat everything! Priority will be Chicken Joy, Jolly Spaghetti, and Peach Mango Pie
  • KFC - Gravy!!!
  • The Old Spaghetti House - Golden Crusted Chicken, Ham and Cheese Crepe with Angel Hair Pomodoro
  • Pancake House - Taco (essentially, House Special Set A)
  • Pandesal
  • Taho
  • Pork BBQ - I don't know where yet.
  • Ministop fried chicken
  • Andok's or Baliwag lechon manok
I am drooling writing all this down. LOL!

See you soon Manila! Can't wait to see friends as well.


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