Day 1 of PH Vacation. Time with Family

This post is first of my PH vacation series:

I hate flying transpacific. Seriously! 12 hours inside a plane from Vancouver to Taipei is too long for me. Sigh.

Layover in Taiwan

Our 1 hour or so layover was uneventful. Except for the fact that I checked my work email and worked. I don't think I even took any photos except for this selfie with Jomar. Look how tired we looked compared to my previous post.

Hello Manila!

I wanna say I was excited and joyful when we arrived but mostly I am exhausted to even appreciate the bright "Magandang Umaga" from the workers at NAIA Terminal 1. We got our luggage after 20 minutes and we're off. The only amusing thing about the experience is the automated immigration thing which worked surprisingly well. We left the Terminal and the number of people waiting for a cab or car is impressive. We saw a man holding a signboard with my name on it!

Time in Naic

Our first stop is to visit Jomar's parents at Naic, Cavite. We met Jhaira (our 2-year old niece) for the first time and she's the sweetest little girl. She sat on my lap right away and we took a couple of selfies together, then with Uncle Jomar too.

It was great. After unpacking our pasalubong and taking a quick shower, we went to a nearby Shakey's. Hello, mojos!

First PH Meal: Shakey's

Mojos! Mojos! Mojos! Service at Shakey's is excellent and the food is alright but I'm just happy to eat mojos. We had lunch with Nanay and Tatay, Jossel, Rose and Jhaira, and Shelly.

Meeting Father

After a great day in Cavite, we went to Mall of Asia to meet with father. Before that, we went to Globe to get a SIM card (yay local number), buy slippers, then have dinner with father at Gilligan's.

The kare-kareng gulay was still excellent. Love the crunchy pork sisig as well. This is one of those meals I want to have again before leaving.

Go Hotel - Otis

We're staying at Go Hotel - Otis because it's near Manila where most of our errands are going to be and close enough to Mandaluyong or Makati when we need to get there. I'm happy with the service. The room is pretty close but showing a sign of ageing. Otherwise, for the price I paid, it's excellent.


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