Day 9 of PH Vacation. Last Day

This post is first of my PH vacation series:

It's our last day in Manila! Our luggage was packed and ready for our flight that night.

Mass in Manila Cathedral

Breakfast in Chowking

Before leaving the Philippines and because it's Sunday, we have to go to Mass. We attended the 8:30 am Mass in Manila Cathedral.

#Selfie inside Manila Cathedral

An hour before Mass, we had lunch for breakfast at Chowking.

Chinese-Style Pork Chop Lauriat

After Mass, we saw a taho vendor. Of course, I had to have taho again while waiting for our Grab Car.

Taho Vendor in front of Manila Cathedral

We're back at Robinson's Place - Otis. My dad is waiting for us at Starbucks and we spent a good hour just exchanging stories about how the week went.

Lunch in Tokyo Tokyo

Then, we decided to have lunch at Tokyo Tokyo. I miss the Chicken Karaage and Beef Misono and wishes there were more!

Tokyo Tokyo: Chicken Karaage and Beef Misono

NAIA Terminal 1

We were at NAIA at 1:00 PM waiting for the check-in counter to open. I was on the phone with mom just catching up. We got checked in, paid the terminal fee, and off to security.

#Selfie in NAIA Terminal 1

After that, we were roaming around and checking the handful of shops available. I saw hopia and just had to buy some (even if it was ridiculously expensive). We decided to spend 1-2 hours in one of the coffee shops (not Starbucks) eating corned beef pandesal.


An hour before the flight, we walked near our gate and was munching on the Sour and Cream Lays. Boarding!

Bye Manila! See you in June for another busy week.


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