Back in Vancouver

After 10 hours looking at clouds and admiring the icy window,

Ice on the plane window.

Being back in Vancouver is good! What's the first thing we did as soon as we landed (and after security check)? Eat. Specifically, eat fish and chips from Pajo.

Fish and Chips Dinner

Pajo is a Steveston, Richmond local fish and chips place. It's one of the first fish and chips place I've tried when I migrated to Canada. I had it on my second day. Anyway, Jomar and I had salmon and halibut for dinner.

We went home; unpacked and it's already 11 at night. Time to sleep because we're both going to work the following day.

Wicked Cafe Breakfast

After a surprisingly good night sleep, we're up and ready to go back to work. However, our fridge is empty, and we have no food for breakfast. Instead, we decided to have breakfast in a cafe which we always walked by on our way to work.

Wicked Cafe (7th and Hemlock)

For breakfast, I decided to have vegetarian pie (which feels like a vegetarian lasagna) and vegetarian samosa while Jomar ordered the Wicked Breakfast.

Back at work

Being back at work is good. I was still jet lag, but it's good to catch up with customers and colleagues.


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