Day 5 of PH Vacation. High School Friends

This post is first of my PH vacation series:

This post is about our 5th day in Manila.

Morning at Linden Suite

I woke up at 6 in the morning and took a quick shower for another busy day.

View from Linden

Jomar and I had breakfast at the buffet (I didn't enjoy it but the service was excellent - super friendly staff) while waiting for Mary, my high school best friend.

Not good breakfast buffet at Linden

Mary arrived at around 8 am and I joined her for breakfast and we were chatting for 2-3 hours about life. I pray that everyone will have a friend like Mary. You don't have to see each other every day but when you do it's like you just saw that friend yesterday. It's a special kind of friendship.

My high school best friend, Mary!

After breakfast with Mary, we went to the hotel room and waited for Nanay and Shelly to arrive with the van. They had lunch then we picked up Mitch from Galleria and we're off to Muntinlupa.

Mitch and Mary

Afternoon at Muntinlupa

We're back at Tita Mimi's beautiful home with Nanay, Mitch (my maid-of-honour), Mary, and Shelly (my two bridesmaids) to get their measurements, discuss the design they want, and finalize the colours. After an hour or so, we're done and on our way to Mall of Asia to drop off Nanay and Shelly. We (Jomar, Mary, and I) asked to be dropped off at Greenbelt 1 then we asked the van driver to drop off Mitch at her Pioneer home.

Evening in Makati

We waited in McDonald's for Lik-Lik. She's one of our closest high school friends as well. Jomar and I were discussing the first year of our relationship when we were still working in Orange and Bronze Software Labs nearby. We walked these streets and sidewalk 8 years ago.

Dinner with High School Friends

When Lik-Lik arrived, we went to Little Tokyo (at my request haha) and had dinner there.

Two hours of exchanging stories about life, career, love, moving abroad, etc. I met both Lik-Lik and Mary when I was 13. I moved to a new school - Miriam College High School and they were both my school bus mates and here we are all grown up! It's so great to catch up with these girls!

Mary and Lik-Lik

After dinner, we booked a Grab Car and dropped Mary to the nearest MRT station and Lik-Lik dropped me off in Palanca corner Dela Costa where Jomar is waiting for me. He had a night out with his college friends as well. Jomar and I booked a Grab Car back to Go Hotel - Otis.

We're done for the day!


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