Day 0 of PH Vacation. Valentine's Day at Vancouver International Airport

This post is first of my PH vacation series:

I'm sleepy. I'm writing this in the International Terminal of Vancouver International Airport (YVR) while we're waiting for the boarding of our flight to Taipei. We will have a transfer there for approximately 1.5 hours before our flight to Manila.

Waiting near our boarding gate

Why we're going back?

We're going to Manila to organize and finalize our Catholic wedding in the Philippines in July. As you already know by now, Jomar and I are already married in Canada but we want to be blessed under the Catholic faith so we're having this wedding with family and friends.

Wedding Status

We still don't have a design for bridesmaid dresses, maid-of-honour dress, flower girls dress, and mother's dress. I'm kinda freaking out but I know God will take care of everything.

I also received terrible news earlier this evening. The reception venue we picked right behind the Church will be turned into a Museum and we can't have our wedding reception there anymore. Yes, we have no dresses and no reception venue. We'll find a way. God will send us amazing angels so I'm calm and collected (for now).

Valentine's Day

We're celebrating Valentine's Day at the airport. Let's start this morning.

Breakfast Date

Because we're flying out tonight, Jomar and I decided to have a breakfast date. We usually have breakfast at home; eating whatever food I decide to cook and prepare for the morning. Since today is special, we went to Beaucoup Bakery. It's a small bakery which we always walk by from the grocery but haven't tried.

They have amazing, buttery, flaky, soft croissants freshly baked every day. They also serve great hot chocolates.

Croissant and Hot Chocolate

At work

After breakfast, we both went to work as usual. Because I had hot chocolate, I feel so happy and energetic at work. I did my best to turnover as much work as I could to make sure everything will still run smoothly even if I'm away. Don't worry customers, I will be back soon!


At 5:00 PM, Jomar and I started our usual 9-block walk going home. We plan to rest, relax, and freshen up for 2 hours before heading to the airport.

On the way home, it started raining, then slowly turning into something more solid. By the time, we're waiting for the cab, it's snowing. Vancouver is expected to get 5-10 cm of snow tonight. It's not as bad as the 15-25 cm, we experienced earlier this week but still; our beautiful city is not used to this much snow.

Dinner Date at YVR

We got into our cab and went straight to YVR. We checked in at China Airlines; then, we had dinner at White Spot. I had a surprisingly good Veggie Burger with poutine while Jomar had BC Chicken Burger with yam fries. We shared a yummy brownie then off to security and now boarding gate.


Our boarding will start soon. I can't wait to sleep for the next 8 hours on the plane. See you soon Asia!


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