Foursquare City Guide New Restaurant Weekly Challenge

Jomar and I did a no eating out challenge for one month. As soon as we can eat out again, we made an agreement to only eat at a restaurant once a week (before our challenge we dined out on average 3-4 times per week).

The Plan

I plan to try one new restaurant per week but to make it more interesting for each week it should be from one of the Foursquare category. For example, on week 1 we will try an Afghan Restaurant then the following week it will be African Restaurant. It's not just one new restaurant; it will be one different category as well.

Partial list of Foursquare category

Why Foursquare? Because I love it - just check out my post two years during Foursquare (4.16.16) day.

The Goal

Why do I want to do this? Well, obviously I love to eat. Next, I love to travel and by trying out different cuisines every week is like getting to know that country and culture through their food. Lastly, I want to explore more of Greater Vancouver area. Actually, this adventure only works because Vancouver (and Canada) is such a diverse city (and country).

The Pick

How do I pick which restaurant to try? I consider the following:
  • Distance from home and work. I don't want to travel too far if there's one nearby.
  • It should be our first time there.
  • Foursquare rating. I read this article from a Foursquare data engineer and I appreciate how she broke down how their rating system works which makes me trust it more.
  • Budget. It should be reasonable for two people to dine in.

I actually have picked the first 3 restaurants I want to try - Afghan, African, and Ethiopian.

What do you think of this plan?

UPDATE! June 2, 2018. The challenge has changed. We did it once a month instead of weekly because it makes sense from a budget stand point and we sometimes just didn't have time.  Want to track my progress? Checkout my Foursquare List available here.


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