Buying "Local" when living outside the Philippines

I have been living in Canada for almost three years now. Life is good here but I always think of ways to help the Philippines. I have been helping Filipino entrepreneurs in Vancouver, BC go online.

I also sponsored two Filipino child, Paul Syrus (through Compassion Canada) and Princess Mae (through World Vision Canada). I have been exchanging letters with them and am getting to know their families and communities.

Lastly, Jomar and I have been doing our best to look for imported products from the Philippines. Our soy sauce and vinegar is Datu Puti. We almost always have Lucky Me Pancit Canton in stock just in case. We recently purchased Sunflower Crackers because I missed it. We also have Ligo sardines or sometimes Mega depending on where we did our grocery shopping. Lastly, just yesterday we found Boneless Bangus on sale! It's only $5.00 CAD and that's cheap! One bangus is usually $8.00. I should have purchased more but we have a small fridge.

Oh and one time at the office, I was having my lunch and I found at our dining table, this Golden Sweet Corn bag. I was so amused and happy that Josh brought some to work. I sometimes bring a box of assorted polvoron at work and it'll be gone in two days. It's amusing. I should introduce my colleagues to Chocnut next.

Anyway, I hope the Philippines decide to export more products. When looking for rice, we buy those imported from Australia, Thailand, or India. I wished Philippines could start exporting rice. Our corned beef is exported from either Australia (Palm) or Brazil (Hereford). Purefoods and Argentina corned beef are only available in some Asian groceries and we rarely go there unless we need something very specific (like liver spread). I wonder why there's no Canadian brand corned beef. Our luncheon meat is Spam from USA. I am not sure if I have seen a Philippine brand luncheon meat here.

Other than buying products exported from the Philippines, we almost always buy No Name. It's a Canadian brand and they have great food and it's affordable. If there's a No Name version of a product, we buy it. We always have No Name chips, No Name chicken nuggets or chicken fingers, No Name french fries or potato patties or hash browns. Yes, we love No Name.

Supporting local products (Canadian when available) is also a priority for us because Canada is our home now and it welcomed us warmly but the Philippines and its products will always have a special place in our hearts.


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