Starting February with great news

Last month, I decided to start consulting on my own. I reflected one Sunday evening on my strengths and what gives me joy and what I should do about it. My conclusion was a list of actionable items to help me achieve my goals. I borrowed a lot of books from the library to ensure I have the right foundation skills to start digital marketing consulting side projects. My goal? To help Filipino entrepreneurs in Canada be available and accessible online.

The following Monday, I sent dad a text asking when he would meet his Filipino friend which owns a newspaper so I could pitch my idea. Well, that didn't happen but he mentioned that I am interested in making websites to them. By Friday, Jomar and I met with our first client. Yes, that quick. I know God is at work because it took small steps and by His miracle something happened.

By Saturday, I sent our client a prototype (a sample website) and by Sunday night we're live. A week later we got paid and are now discussing how to help them promote their business moving forward.


Presenting our first project, GoodFud2. Please visit their website, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter. The company is going to sell vegetarian versions of food we all love like veggie nuggets and veggie fries. Can't wait to help them more in promoting their products.

I can't wait to help more Filipino entrepreneurs promote their business online.

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