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Food Guide for Granville Island Public Market: Curry2U

Curry2U is your plane ticket to India while inside Granville Island Public Market. As of this post, I have eaten here 70 times (the most in Granville Island). When I was new in Gumstix, we practically eat here everyday.


Curry 2U is the environmentally-friendly brainchild of Shaffeen Jamal, a second-generation restaurateur with a long family history of serving Vancouverites. The Jamal family’s earlier restaurants–the multi-award-winning Rubina Tandoori and Tamarind Indian Bistro–earned a loyal following. We continue that tradition with a firm focus on value, sustainability, and mouth-watering Indian dishes from the heart of the Granville Island Market.

- Granville Island Directory

My Pick

This one is easy. I kept coming back for the butter chicken. It has become an unhealthy comfort food during stressful days. We always get the Bombay Box which includes rice, lentil, one vegetable dish, and one meat dish.

Evening Combo

If you love spicy food and if it's available, you should definitely try their chicken vindaloo as well. It's not just spicy, it's tasty.

Tips and Thoughts

  • According to Arun (one of my ex-colleagues), butter chicken is not a popular food in India. It's one of those Americanized (I am talking about the continent) Indian food.
  • He also mentioned that the food is mostly from North India.
  • During Thursday, they have discounted meals called Tiffin Club. There's usually a line during Thursday.
  • Curry2U is one of the cheapest places to get a meal in the Market. A year ago you can get a full meal for less than $10 (including taxes).
  • At around 5 pm, they have an "Evening Combo" which is 3 items with rice for only $8.10 + GST.


Curry2U is perfect for
  • Anyone who loves Indian cuisine
  • Anyone on a budget
  • Spicy food lovers

Check more about my Guide to Food Granville Island Public Market series.

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What is G Suite? Get a free 14-day trial and exclusive discount.