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Review: The Rise of Food Delivery Apps in Vancouver

Now a days, it's so easy to get food from restaurant from another part of the city. With the rise of food delivery apps like UberEats, DoorDash, SkipTheDishes, and so many others, it's so convenient to get your favorite burger without having to leave the comfort of your homes. This post is my review of each apps that I have used and the results.


Let's start with the one I use almost once a week. At Gumstix, we have our team weekly lunch and I am the one assigned to arrange food delivery or make reservation on rare occassions that we decide to leave our office. DoorDash is my go to app because of the Group Order feature. I just have to pick a restaurant, click Group Order, and send the generated link to my colleagues so they can add their order. We even have a set limit for each person so that we can stay on budget.

As of this post, I have ordered 32 times at DoorDash from 24 different restaurants. Check out our Weekly Team Lunch map below.

DoorDash is not perfect - sometimes our food is late. They give credits when it is unreasonably late. Another time, we ordered for 10 people and we were missing one order so one of us wasn't able to it. That was a sad day - I don't think I ordered from DoorDash the next two weeks because of the experience.

Oh and watch out for the DoorDash fee - it ranges from 9% to 25% of your total order. According to the customer support I spoke with, the fee is different for every restaurant depending on their agreement. We only order from those with 0 DoorDash fee.


On the other hand, my sister Therese loves SkipTheDishes because it's available in Richmond and DoorDash only delivers in Vancouver. We celebrated Christmas last year with Japanese food delivered by SkipTheDishes and we celebrated Therese's birthday with food delivered as well.

What I love most about SkipTheDishes is you can really track the drivers real time. My mom was so amused by it. They also don't have any SkipTheDishes fee, on top of your order, you just have to pay the delivery charge.


I tried UberEats for our office weekly lunch once when the team wanted McDonald's. It failed and caused me so much stress. Ugh. I kept getting a 403 error during checkout. It's so frustrating! I guess their system can't handle big orders and I wish it would just returned that error instead of wasting so much of my time. No. I am not going to try UberEats again.


I tried Foodora once to order from Noodle Box (when it wasn't available in DoorDash yet) and it failed during checkout as well and my manager was pretty upset but we didn't spend anymore time debugging their broken app.

The only reason DoorDash gets most of my business is because of the Group Order feature. Have you tried any of this apps? Which one do you recommend?


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What is G Suite? Get a free 14-day trial and exclusive discount.