Food Guide for Granville Island Public Market: Celine's Fish and Chips

If you go anywhere in Granville Island and don't eat one of the three or more places where you can get fish and chips, then you're missing out! Celine's Fish and Chips is the only place you can get fish and chips inside the Granville Island Public Market.

Celine's Fish and Chips

Celine’s offers only the finest fish the ocean has to offer. Enjoy the classic cod and chips or try something a little more adventurous, like deep fried oysters or calamari. Lots of selection and lots of flavour – a seafood lover’s dream!

- Granville Island Directory

My Pick

I have been to Celine's four times and I get the Salmon and Chips every time. I didn't enjoy it the first three times, probably because it was for dinner and everything is just way too oily for my liking. The most recent one though was spot on. Crispy batter, crunchy fries, and fresh pink salmon. It was great!

Salmon Fish and Chips

Though, if you have time to spare and want the best fish and chips go to Go Fish (5-minute walk from the entrance of Granville Island heading west) or Tony's (around 20-steps from the entrance of Granville Island).


Celine's Fish and Chips is perfect for:
  • Kids
  • Seafood lovers
  • Eating outside and enjoying the view
  • Tourists

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