Food Guide for Granville Island Public Market: Omi Japan

Sushi, maki, teriyaki, udon, and donburi bowls - Omi Japan has it all! If you crave any of this and a bit more while in Granville Island, this place has it. I have been twice so my recommendation is pretty limited.

Omi Japan

Omi Japan carries a wide range of Japanese cuisine and is a wonderful option for a meal on the go or for something to eat as you enjoy the ambiance of the Public Market. Choose from a variety of individually wrapped rolls and sashimi made fresh daily. For a hot meal, try a tempura dish or a stir-fry made to order.

- Granville Island Directory

My Pick

I haven't tried any of their sushi and maki so I can't vouch for it. I did enjoy their Oyakodon. A lot of people order their tempura and you have to wait while they make it from scratch.

Chicken Teriyaki


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