4 Reasons Why I Love Foursquare

Happy Foursquare Day! It's 4.16.16, and my first check-in was five years ago so Happy 5th Anniversary Foursquare! :)

I went to an interview for an IT company a few years back, and they asked me which social media I use daily, my answer was Facebook, Foursquare, and Google+. They asked you don't use Twitter? I have a Twitter account, but I rarely use it. The manager told me, "you're weird" because I use Foursquare but not Twitter.

In this blog post, I will list down four reasons why I love and use Foursquare and Swarm.

1. Personal Travel History
Every time I check-in, I create a history of where I have been. This blog is a more extended version of that history, but Foursquare and Swarm is the detailed version. I could quickly check what I did on August 4, 2011, or any other date after April 16, 2011.

2. Privacy
I came to a point when I thought sharing on Facebook about where I am, or my food and travel photo is too much. I mean, I don't want to flood my friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and other people who follow me with unnecessary things. That's when Swarm comes in. I only have 13 friends in Foursquare compared to the more than 800 on Facebook, and I usually remove Foursquare friends who don't use it anymore. So all my activities are shared there like food photos, 140-character story, and tagged friends.

1,326 Photos and 13 Friends

3. Map Data Visualization
This feature had tremendously improved the last five years, and by far this is the main reason I use Swarm. It creates a map of my check-ins.

I've been to 10 Countries! Here's an overview of Asia.
Focusing on my Home Country - The Philippines
Places in BC Canada 

4. Food Search
There's no denying that I love to eat and explore restaurants. I also don't like repeating restaurants, so that's when Foursquare comes in. I get to search for Food in specific places (or nearby) and filter based on "Places you haven't been," "Open now," and sorted by Rating. I usually rely on Foursquare on where to eat. Seriously, Foursquare recommendation usually decides where I eat.

Searching Food in Downtown Vancouver

Sort by Rating, Filter by Places I haven't been and Open Now

Bonus Reason. The Timehop app is becoming a daily habit for me because it allows me to "time travel" to the past and check all my photos and posts from years ago. Moreover, I found out that Timehop was created during a Foursquare hackathon. Perfect app combo!

2019 Update: The SwarmApp now has an integrated "On this Day" feature when you click the Search bar in the mobile app.


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