4 Reasons Why I Love Foursquare

Happy Foursquare Day! It's 4.16.16 and my first check-in was 5 years ago so Happy 5th Anniversary Foursquare! :)

I went to an interview for an IT company few years back and they asked me which social media I use on a daily basis, my answer was Facebook, Foursquare, and Google+. They asked, you don't use Twitter? I have a Twitter account but I rarely use it. The manager told me, "you're weird" because I use Foursquare but not Twitter.

In this blogpost, I will list down 4 reasons why I love and use Foursquare and Swarm.

1. Personal Travel History
Every time I check-in, I create a history of where I have been. This blog is a longer version of that history but Foursquare and Swarm is the detailed version. I could easily check what I did on August 4, 2011 or any other date after April 16, 2011.

2. Privacy
I came to a point when I thought sharing on Facebook about where I am or my food and travel photo is too much. I mean, I don't want to flood my friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and other people who follows me with unnecessary things. That's when Swarm comes in. I only have 13 friends in Foursquare compared to the more than 800 in Facebook and I usually remove Foursquare friends who don't use it anymore. So all my activities are shared there like food photos, 140-character story, and friends I am with.

1,326 Photos and 13 Friends

3. Map Data Visualization
This feature had tremendously improve the last five years and by far this is the main reason I use Swarm. It creates a map of my check-ins.

I've been to 10 Countries! Here's an overview of Asia.
Focusing on my Home Country - The Philippines
Places in BC Canada 

4. Food Search
There's no denying that I love to eat and explore restaurants. I also don't like repeating restaurants so that's when Foursquare comes in. I get to search for Food in specific places (or nearby) and filter based on "Places you haven't been", "Open now", and sorted by Rating. I usually rely on Foursquare on where to eat. Seriously, Foursquare recommendation usually decides where I eat.

Searching Food in Downtown Vancouver

Sort by Rating, Filter by Places I haven't been and Open Now

Bonus Reason. The Timehop app is becoming a daily habit for me because it allows me to "time travel" to the past and check all my photos and posts from years ago. Moreover, I found out that Timehop was created during a Foursquare hackathon. Perfect app combo!


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