Hunt for Churros

My sisters have been craving for churros for a while now. In the Philippines, Taco Bell offers Churros with a chocolate dip that they love. Thus, my hunt for Churros in Metro Vancouver begins.

I was in Downtown Vancouver yesterday and decided I could spend the afternoon searching for Churros. According to Foursquare (my trusted and fave application), I could go to Tacofino Cantina, a food truck along Howe Street since it's the closest to my location yesterday. I walked for 10 minutes and asked if they have Churros available. It was out of stock! The guy suggested I go to their main restaurant at Gastown, but I am too lazy to walk all the way there.

Last week, I also went to Cambie Village to search for churros. The only restaurant there that offers churros is Las Tortas, and it's also out of stock.

Going back to yesterday, I remember Therese saying that Cineplex sells churros so I searched for the nearest Cineplex and the Scotiabank Theatre is a 6-minute walk. I also did a quick Google search for the food stalls to make sure that they sell churros.

I searched the menu of OutTakes Backstage Bistro, and yes, they sell churros! I started my walk going to the Theatre in high spirit, excited that at last, I will be able to bring churros to my sisters. Alas, upon arriving at the Theatre, I won't be able to buy snacks because you have to have a movie ticket to access the snacks area. Ugh.

Screenshot of the Mini Churros from the OutTakes menu online

I am now tired and hungry. I started my walk going to the Sky Train station and realized that there is a newly opened Cineplex on my way home, but I will have to descend in the Marine Drive station. I don't want to get my hopes up but finally, the Outtakes Backstage Bistro is accessible without having to buy a movie ticket, and yes, the churros are available!


I purchased a burger and added churros to my meal. After eating my Cheeseburger Deluxe meal, I carefully wrapped the churros to bring home to my sisters. I feel like a success.

As soon as I arrived home, my sisters were nagging me to give them the churros already. It was hilarious. When I gave it to them, and we all took a bite - moment of truth. They both said that it tasted like cinnamon sticks and not the churros we know. Oh well.

My Cheeseburger Deluxe Meal with Churros on the side

Our hunt for churros continues.


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