Starting the year with Lights of Hope

When you hear or read the word hope, what comes into your mind? For me, hope is that little voice telling you that something good is coming. Hope is expecting things will be better even if it may not seems right now.

Light of Hope

Jomar and I went to Downtown, Vancouver last Saturday to view the Lights of Hope in St. Paul's Hospital. This display of lights is part of their annual fundraising activity to provide hope and support to the patients and caregivers of the hospital and all the supported institution of St. Paul's Foundation.

Staying Hopeful

As I write this post, I kept coming back to the question, what makes you hopeful? Think and reflect about it. During the moments of your life when all is lost and you feel totally lost and hopeless, why do you keep living? What makes you get up and live another day?

My sources of hope

First, my faith makes me hopeful all the time. When I feel scared or when I worry, I pray. Those few minutes of silence and prayer reminds me that we have a loving God who will not abandon us. Another thing I do all the time is live with gratitude. I walk going to work and I am always grateful (I say, 'Thank you, Lord' out loud all the time) when I see the mountains, when I feel the cold rain in my hands. There are so many things to be grateful for, you just have to know how to look for it and appreciate what seems like little things.

Second, Jomar. He makes my world a better place. I am so grateful that he is part of my life. He makes me laugh everyday. He comforts me when I am sad and/or afraid. Jomar is an angel. God sent him to me to remind me everyday how great life is.

Third, Princess Mae and Paul Syrus. When I am feeling lazy, during the days when I just want to hide under the blanket and stay in bed all day, I think of Princess and Syrus. They are my sponsored kids and I work harder every day because I want to continue supporting them. I am hopeful that one day they will change the world, their family, and their community for the better.

Lastly, my family. When I was unemployed Alyanna is my beacon of hope. I will be bored to death at home unsure of what to do with myself but she will arrive home from school with stories about her day and recipes from her cooking class which we would try to cook or bake. She reminded me (whether she knows it or not) that even if I am unemployed I will always have a role in her life, in my family's life. I will always be a daughter and an older sister. I will always be Ate Celine. The love from my family kept me going in those trying times.

This 2018 may we not lose hope. No matter how disturbing and scary the world may seem. Let's stay hopeful that things will get better. Remember, we can all be a light of hope to somebody, in our family, workplace, community, and country.

How about you? What or who brings you hope? What makes you hopeful?

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