Giving Joy to My Parents

Every Christmas our family will have secret Santa. On top of whoever I get for that year, I also give each member of the family a Christmas gift. This year, I was busy with work and moving out of our family home that I didn't have time to think and plan what to give them. Instead, I end up giving them gift cards which I don't really like because it seems impersonal.

Hand-Written Cards

So together with the gift cards, I wrote a Christmas letter to my parents, three siblings, and Jomar. Therese received a gift card from Sephora and I remember writing how proud I am of the woman she has become and I have no doubt that she will be an amazing lawyer some day. Meanwhile, Hovey received a VISA gift card to buy whatever it is he needs and I told him in my card that he is the most hardworking person I know and whatever career or line of work he decides to do, he will be great.

Christmas Cards from UNICEF

Lastly, for Alyanna I got a gift card from EB Games so she could finally buy the Nintendo Switch she's been saving for and on her card I wrote how much I miss her, I miss how when I arrive home everyday we will have dinner together, and I miss our Domino's pizza Fridays.

For My Parents

The only gift card I am sure of is the one for my parents. My mom has been telling me how dad would love to try The Keg Steakhouse + Bar. So as my Christmas gift, I gave them each a gift card to The Keg and on my Christmas card I told them to rekindle their love by going on a date.

My parents enjoying their 29th anniversary date.

I really want them to spend quality time together, just the two of them. I want them to be reminded of how good it feels to be with each other. Ever since, I was born their attention has always been to their children and now it's time to focus on each other again.

Today, I got a Facebook message from my mom with pictures of their romantic date in The Keg in Downtown Vancouver. "Sarap ng steak and the place very intimate. ganda. feeling rich kami ni papa mo ❤❤❤ feeling blessed and thankful 😀"

Rough translation: The steak is delicious and the place is very intimate. Beautiful. Your dad and I feel rich. We feel blessed and are thankful.
Mom said dad's order is good but hers was better.

I also just got off the phone with my mom and she said The Keg offered them free desserts because they are celebrating their 29th Wedding Anniversary this month. Such a nice thing to do. I haven't seen both of my parents this glowing in years.

My mom just made my day. I knew giving will give you joy but I never thought I will feel this happy seeing how happy my parents are. Truly, the real purpose of wealth is to bless others and I am grateful for all the opportunities and blessings I am getting. Thank God for family and work.


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