What do you collect when visiting a new place?

I have 4 collections; 3 of which are travel related. I collect or keep things from each country, city, or tourist spot I visit. Here they are.

Bills and coins

When I visit a new country and after exchanging my money to the local currency, I make sure to keep one of each bill or coin that I stumble upon. It is actually the first thing I do before spending.

Right now, I have 109 bills from 20 countries. No, I have not been to 20 countries but I have supportive friends who give me their spare small bills to add to my collection.

My Banknote catalog

On the other hand, I have 139 coins (125 unique coins) from 22 countries. I still have around 20 more that I haven't had a chance to inventory.

Map of where my coins from

I started consciously collecting bills and coins in 2010 when I went to South Korea with friends. However, the first foreign bills I kept was in 2004 from Hong Kong which was my first trip outside Manila. Since 2010, I have been keeping every unique bill I see even if the condition is horrible.

Key chains

It's a habit to buy souvenir every time Jomar and I would visit a touristy spot or a new city. Through the years, my key chain collection grew and when I did an inventory last December, I realized I had duplicates or two or more from a location so we decided to donate them to the nearest Salvation Army thrift store. Below are the ones I decided to keep.

Top: Country keychains
Bottom: US States and Cities

Tourist spots in Philippines (top) and Canada (bottom)

Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao Keychains

Fridge Magnet

This is a most recent thing I collect. Well, Jomar started it by buying magnets when he couldn't find key chains so now we have a few.

Fridge magnets from all over the world

Fridge magnets from United States of America

Fridge Magnets from Canada

Fridge Magnets from Philippines


Recently, I made a goal of trying out all Pringles flavor and taking photos of each one. You may find it all here. I plan to try more depending on the unique flavor per country. Lastly, I also try to eat either at a KFC or McDonald's in all the countries I've been. Personally, KFC chicken is best in Malaysia but nothing beats the gravy from KFC Philippines.

How about you? What do you collect or bring home when you travel?

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