Day 3 in Bicol: Good Morning Naga Walk

Our flight is at 10:45 AM via Cebu Pacific. The hotel service will pick us up by 9 AM going to the airport. It means +Jomar Tigcal+Wayne Manuel and I still have time to explore Naga City and visit the parks and Churches there. We woke up at 6:00 AM to visit the places below:

The closest park to our Hotel is Rizal Park (Freedom Park). A Huge I <3 NAGA sign is there as well.

Dark Clouds over University of Nueva Caceres 
We planned to go inside so Wayne could map the place but due to 
time constraint, we decided not to go inside the campus.

Monument of  Bishop Jorge Barlin

From the Monument of Bishop Barlin, you could already see this arch
 welcoming you to the Metropolitan Naga Cathedral

The Arch viewed inside the Cathedral compound (there's a rainbow on the right side)

This dome is also inside the Cathedral Compound.

Naga Metropolitan Cathedral
before I could take a Panorama shot of the Church,
it started raining, and we had to run inside the Church

The University of Sta. Isabel
Opened on September 18, 1870
By January 11, 1872, a Royal Decree, declared the University
the First Normal School for Girls in the Philippines

Our Lady of Penafrancia Basilica of Naga

I am a traveller who likes old churches, ruins, and just anything that tells about the history of the place and its people. Thus, our two-hour walk around the City of Naga is something I enjoyed. Here's a map for you to visualize the path we take to see the places listed above:

Our flight from Naga to Manila is using propeller plane. It's like a bus with wings! I was sleeping the whole time, so if there were any turbulence, I did not notice. Thank you Albay and Naga for such a wonderful time in Bicol!


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