Day 1 in Bicol: The City of Naga

My previous post ended with +Jomar Tigcal, and I on our way to the Terminal to ride a van going to Naga City. After two hours (around 3:00 PM), we got off in front of SM Naga.

Tricycle, taxi, jeepney, and vans were everywhere. My first impression was it is a progressive city and a whole lot busier than Legazpi City, Albay. We rode a tricycle and headed to our rest for the night: Naga Regent Hotel. Probably a review of the hotel in another post! After dropping off our stuff and resting a bit, Ms. +Aileen Apolo sent us an SMS informing us that we should have snacks in her cousin's place, Casa Moderna+Wayne Manuel+Jomar Tigcal and I got lost because there's a branch near our hotel - we went there first, and after searching for Ms. Aileen to no avail, we asked the waitress and found out that there are five branches of Casa Moderna all over the city!

Quince Martires Monument

Plaza Quince Martires

We decided to walk going to Plaza Quince Martires and hailed a tricycle from there after Wayne and Jomar decided to hack some portals using +Ingress.

Wayne and Jomar hacking portals in Naga City

Casa Moderna

When we arrived in Casa Moderna, it was empty. We asked the lady over the counter if there are any chairs at the back. Then, after a minute, Ms. Aileen went out from the door leading to the kitchen! Her cousin manages the place, and their family founded and still owns it. Inside their home, we were exchanging stories ranging from the childhood stories of Ms. Aileen in Bicol to the story of My Husband's Lover over some delicious Palabok, Maja, toasted bread, and Pancit.


Bigg's Diner

After that, we decided to visit SM Naga and have dinner in Bigg's Diner- the original fast food chain in Bicol. I ordered the Cheeseburger while Jomar had the Fried Chicken. The Cheeseburger is cheesy, more than a slice of cheese below the burger patty, the meat itself has melted cheese inside, so yummy!

Not the best photo but it was surprisingly delicious.

After dinner, we went back to our hotel and got some needed shut-eye for Day 2 in Bicol would be spent for BYTE 2013!


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