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Vacation: Travel Back to Canada

I write this in the comforts of my home back in Canada. My mom and siblings are all home and busy eating the Goldilocks goodies I got for myself. It's great to be back in Canada!


I woke up at 2:00 AM (Manila time) on Sunday and I didn't want to get up. I don't want to leave. It's more than leaving Philippines. It's leaving Jomar and my life here. Alas, I had to face the reality that I have decided to immigrate two years ago to be with my family.

with Jomar

As we head to the airport, I was quiet. We hugged just outside Terminal 1. The guard told us that there's a section in the departure area where family members and friends can stay and wait. I asked Jomar to stay there while I check in.

There was a long line and after checking in I was informed by the lady at the counter that I had to go to the travel tax counter. I walked there and they photocopied my Canadian PR card and gave me a receipt. I didn't had to pay anything.

Pinoy Breakfast: Tocino, Longganisa, Hotdog, and Boneless Bangus with Rice

I went to where Jomar was and there is a restaurant (eatery) so we decided to have breakfast. I had bibingka among other many Filipino breakfast that I miss. Then, the time had come that I need to come inside. I hugged Jomar extra tight and went back inside. There's a long line in the immigration but everything went smoothly.


Bye Manila. Bye Philippines. See you soon Jomar!

Bye Manila!
Mute the video since the engine was really loud


My flight from Manila to China was okay. I enjoyed the breakfast they served and I decided to play Luxor and see how far I could go in 5 hours. An hour before landing, I really needed to use the washroom but my seatmate (I am on a window seat) was sleeping soundly and it would be rude to wake him up (how Canadian). Thankfully, the stewardess woke him up since we're preparing for landing. Since he's awake, I was able to use the washroom.

Spinach Mushroom Omelette with Croissant and Fruits

In Beijing Capitol International Airport (BCIA), I had lunch at KFC. Even the KFC here is better than Canada (sorry for being too harsh to the KFC in Canada). After lunch, I walked around to find goodies for my siblings. An hour before my flight, I decided to walk to the boarding gate already. I didn't know that my boarding gate is at the end! I am so glad there were walkalators (is that what they're called?) since my feet were aching.

Zinger from KFC in China

We took a 5-minute bus ride going to our plane. I am pleasantly surprised to be seated at the exit row. I was by the window and the middle seat was empty.

Boarding our flight

Ms. Aileen gave my an eye mask which I used. I was sleeping for majority (8 hrs) of the 10-hour flight.


We landed safely in Canada at 11:00 AM still Sunday! It's good to have internet connection back. Seeing the mountains from the plane, I knew I am back. I walked towards the immigration and there was a long line. The lines in Manila earlier was short compared to this. I told to the man in front of me, "Oh. It's a busy day at the airport.". He said, "There must be 2-3 international flights landing at the same time". I am back! Small talk is okay and not as weird as it was back in Philippines.

Immigration Machines at YVR

The long lines took 10-15 minutes including the machine customs form. However, my luggage took 25-30 minutes. I was tired and I just want to go home but my luggage was nowhere insight. When I saw it, I was so happy and relieved! I rode a cab going home and had a nice conversation with the cab driver. We discussed about the busyness of the airport and I told him that he should go back there so he could get more passengers.

I arrived to Alyanna and my mom waiting downstairs. It's good to be home!

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