Vacation: Sixth Day Back Home celebrating Life with Friends

Ever since moving to Canada, I have not experienced dipping my toes in salty water. I also know Philippines has the best beaches in the world so I really wanted to experience the beach before going back to Canada.

We decided to go to Anilao, Batangas. Ms. Myna and Mitch arranged the place and itinerary. Mama Chelle prepared a feast because she's celebrating her birthday as well. It's truly a trip celebrating life with friends.

The day started with Ms. Myna picking us up from the condo with Kuya Michael (the fastest driver ever!). We met with Mama Chelle and their van on the other side of EDSA. We quickly stopped by Shell Magallanes to buy Mama Chelle's cake while their van went ahead.

We met again in Jollibee along SLEX for breakfast. It's so great to see everybody! Mama Chelle, Mitch, the kids (Josh, Jarred, and Kaylee), Mama Nancy, Ms. May, and Ate Jonah. Jomar and I ordered the same food as yesterday.

After breakfast, I purchased butter mamon from Red Ribbon and off we go to Anilao, Batangas!

It was beautiful. A piece of paradise right here. For lunch, Mama Chelle prepared a boodle fight. We had salted egg and tomatoes, yummy adobo with apples, crunchy lumpiang shanghai, spicy gising-gising and fresh seafood. There's truly no place like home. This friends had been my home and family for the 22 months that my biological family is far away.

Photo taken by Nicole Santos

After lunch, we (the kids and I) changed into our swimming attire. We inflated this gigantic unicorn they have and they carried it going down the stairs to the sea.

We spent more than an hour in the water. The waves were strong because it was a cloudy and windy day. There's really not much beach to walk on but the corrals are beautiful. Personally, I am just happy to taste sea water again and be one with nature.

Jomar and The Unicorn

We decided to go back up around 5:30 PM. The climb up was challenging! I counted more than a hundred steps. I took a quick shower and we rested a bit.

The Stairs

Mama Chelle again prepared a feast for us. Wayne also arrived and we all helped Mitch grill the steaks.

Dinner Feast! Thanks Mama Chelle
Photo taken by Nicole Santos

When everything is at the table, I gave my gifts to Mama Chelle: Justin Trudeau notebook, Justin Trudeau cookie cutter, tea, and the McDonald's sauces which she thought was lotion.

Wayne, Jomar, Mitch and I decided to eat outside under the stars. We had so many stories for each other and it was so much fun! Oh god, I missed this people!

My family back in the Philippines
Photo by Nicole Santos

It was getting late and we had to go. Ms. Myna decided to go home the same night and Jomar pointed out that my flight is early Sunday so I would need to rest Saturday and we should just hitch a ride back. I was sleeping most of the ride back to Metro Manila. We arrived safely home and called it a night.


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