Vacation: Second Day Back Home with Our Third Wheel

For my second day in Canada, Jomar and I spent the morning having our planning meeting. It took us the first 3 hours of the day to discuss our plans. Then, I had "Me" time. I went to Let's Face It to have a facial.

After that, I went to Chowking. I got my first dose of cultural difference between Canada and Philippines. I was in front of the cashier and said, "Hi". She just stared at me impatiently. I gave her my order (Yang Chow fried rice) and she offered toppings which I declined. What's so shocking about the encounter? Well, in Canada, there's always pleasantries and small talk. Always. When ordering, the cashier would almost always ask, "Hi there, how's it going?" or "Hi there, what can I get for you today?". They don't just stand there and wait for your order. It's different. When I was new to Canada I always feel awkward about the pleasantries and small talk but now that I am used to it, I am surprise when it doesn't happen.

Anyway, after getting my order, I went back to my PH home and had one of the food I am really looking forward to - Giligan's Kare-Kareng Gulay! If you read my previous post, we purchased Kare-Kare last night and I was too tired to have it for dinner.

After that yummy meal, my cousin, Ate Carla dropped by to get the items mother had for their family. Then, I went to the spa downstairs and had a pedicure, foot spa, and foot reflex. It was so relaxing. I almost fell asleep. After that, I went back upstairs. Since I have around 1.5 hrs before my dinner with Mitch, I fell into deep slumber. Jomar had to wake me up because Mitch sent a message that she's already at the restaurant.

With Mitch and Jomar

I was so happy to see Mitch! She is like my sister from another mother. When my family left for Canada last 2013, Mitch became the closest neighbor I have and she would join Jomar and me for dinner. We did explore the Kapitolyo food scene and rediscovered board games together when we went to Dyce N Dyne. Anyway, for tonight, we had dinner at the best Mexican-themed restaurant in Kapitolyo, Pasig: Silantro. I ordered the usual Nachos and Quesadilla. She got us a Burrito. BEST BURRITO EVER! Mitch had so many stories about her career and of course, love life. After our heavy dinner, we went to the nearby ice cream shop, Big Scoop. I had the only in the Philippines, Ube (Purple Yam) Ice Cream and Cheese Ice Cream. This is actually not part of my food to try list but I am glad that I was able to try it.

Cheese and Ube Ice Cream

We walked the stretch of West Drive and Mitch was telling me all the newly opened restaurants. Like this Filipino restaurant with actual Jeepneys outside as tables and chairs.

Look at this jeepney inspired restaurant!

Then, we went to Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe and had the yummy Matcha Cake. I am food coma.

Matcha Cake

We called it a night and that's my second day back home. Looking forward to tomorrow!


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