Vacation: Third Day Back Home with QSR Family

It's my third day back home and it feels great to take a break from my routine life in Canada.

Date with Jomar

When I planned my itinerary for this vacation, Jomar requested that we have a date. I moved things around and told him that I would free up Tuesday morning and we could go out then. I asked him to surprise me with what he had in mind.


There is a building along Pedro Gil that look likes a dome. I have been curious about it but didn't thought of checking it out. Apparently, it's the National Museum Planetarium. It was close for so long until recently and Jomar wants us to visit the Planetarium while it's still open. We went there at around 9:00am after having the remaining Kare-Kareng Gulay for breakfast. The exhibit was okay. There was nothing that made me say wow and it was last updated 2009(?) so the information is a bit outdated.

National Museum Planetarium

Jomar also wanted to see one of the shows which costs Php 50.00. It was a 30-minute short documentary. For the time we were there, they showed The Goldilocks Zone. It was pretty cool but created last 2012. Science information from 5 years ago is pretty old since there have been developments in what they showed.

Imagine, discover, and explore what's inside the Planetarium

After our time at the Planetarium. We were discussing where to have lunch. He originally planned for us to go to the newly opened Tim Hortons nearby. I said no to that and asked if we could have lunch near De La Salle (I spent 3.5 years in De La Salle University for my Bachelor's Degree) instead. He approved my suggestion. We went to Rap Steak House. They have the best gravy ever! I originally planned on having the Chicken Lollipops but unfortunately, it's unavailable so I got the closest thing possible, Chicken Tenders. With any order, they will serve it with a pitcher of gravy on the side (yes, it's a pitcher). I drowned my whole plate (rice and tenders) with those delicious gravy.

Chicken Fingers with Gravy

Uptown Mall

After our delicious meal at Rap, we went to this new mall in Bonificio Global City: Uptown Mall. Jomar and I had this agreement to catch a movie in a new cinema every time. Today, we watched 'Wonder Woman'. It was my first DC movie. We munched on our free cheese and BBQ pop corn and enjoyed the fresh lemon-calamansi lemonade I got for us to share. It was a great date.

Because Jomar insisted, we went to Tim Hortons on the ground floor of the mall. I decided to buy a dozen donuts for our meeting with friends. We took an Uber home to get the gifts I have for friends we were about to meet.

Tim Hortons in BGC, Philippines

Fiesta with QSR Friends

Fiesta (feast) perfectly described the welcome and amount of food Ms. Myna and the gang served at QSR. It was so great seeing Ms. Myna, Sir Ian, Cres, Tania, Jovan, and Ate Irene. I also met for the first time Adrian. We have been working together remotely and this is the first time I am meeting him in person. Mitch was also there!

After enjoying our meal
(Left to right: Jovan, Mitch, Ms. Myna, Me, Jomar, and Adrian)

For food, Ms. Myna ordered Filipino-style BBQ from both Heaven's and Ineng's and lechon manok from both Andok's and Baliwag. These are the food I really miss back home! Jovan ordered the savory yummy palabok while I ordered Mojos and Pizza from Shakey's. I am so happy! Great food and amazing company - it is truly a feast.

After game before going home
(Left to right: Ms. Myna, Mitch, Me, Jomar, Tania, and Jovan)

After enjoying our meal, we played board games. I have not played any new board games since moving to Canada. For the night, we enjoyed Santorini c/o of Mitch. We also played Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, a cooperative deck building game where you try to defeat the different villians in the movie. Moreover, it's divided by book. We defeated the first and second book quite easily but didn't have as much luck with the third book. We would have defeated it if it's not for that Peter Pettigrew villian card.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Cooperative Deck-Building Game

The game is so much fun! That's how I spent my third day back home.


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