Vacation: First Day Back Home

As soon as I boarded my flight to Manila from Beijing, I fell asleep. I did sleep for an hour, watched Sing, then watched The Intern. I was in the last 2 minutes (2 minutes!!!) of the movie and they closed all in-flight entertainment because the plane had landed. I was sitting in the first row of the economy class and I only have my backpack to carry so I am the first person out of the plane (well, first person from the economy class since they apparently, give priority to Business Class).

 I love saying Magandang Umaga! I am home. The Immigration was quick since I was one of the first few people out of the plane. After the immigration, I waited for my luggage which felt like a really long time but no more than 15 minutes.

I went out and walked down the arrival extension area of Terminal 1 and saw Jomar. He booked an Uber and finally, home to my dearest Gateway Regency.  I unpacked and went straight to bed (around 2AM).

Good morning Manila!

I woke up at 5AM and decided to take a quick shower and cook breakfast (thanks for the Delimondo corned beef JT). We originally planned to go to the 9AM Mass in Greenbelt Chapel but since we're awake already and it's only 6:30AM, we decided to attend the 7:15 AM Mass. Starting my vacation the right way, thanking God that I am with Jomar back home.

Greenbelt Chapel

After Mass, I called Amber's to order Pancit Malabon and Pork Barbecue for pick-up. It will be available around 9:00 AM so we decided to checkout The Landmark. Food court just opened so we went inside to cool off and buy mocha cake. Jomar also purchased Peach Mango Pie and Choco Mallow Pie from Jollibee. Since Red Ribbon is not yet open, we decided to buy Mocha cake from Goldilocks. They also had my fave Chiffon cake slice.

Peach Mango Pie and Choco Mallow Pie from Jollibee

We took an Uber to Amber's, pick-up the food and went to Mall of Asia so we could take a van going to Cavite. It was hot. Really hot. I am truly back in Manila. We got off the van and waited for a bus that would take us to Jomar's home. We stayed there most of the day to be with his family. I met his adorable niece.

Mocha Cake for Jomar's family and my fave Double-Licious Chiffon Cake Slice from Goldilocks

At around 4PM, we went to Mall of Asia again. Jomar's brother and sister-in-law dropped us off. We walked inside to get a SIM Card from Globe. We also went to Giligan's. I am really looking forward to Kare-Kareng Gulay. Apparently, since Mall of Asia is so big, it was at the other end of the mall. I was tired. I couldn't feel my body anymore. It was hot, I lack sleep, and I am jet lagged. We placed our order to go (or in the Philippines, we say Take Out) so we could just eat it at home. We were waiting outside for our order and thankfully, some breeze from the sea came to cool us off. Next thing I know, Jomar waking me up since our food is ready. He booked an Uber straight home.

I was sleeping the whole way. Jomar, again, woke me up and asked if we're still going to have dinner. I said sure. He went downstairs to buy rice from Ministop and when he went back up stairs, I am in deep slumber.

That's my first day back in the Philippines! Watch out for my next posts as I share with you my food adventures and the many friends I met.


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