Vacation: Fifth Day Back Home with Best Friend Forever

Ugh. It's my fifth day back home. My vacation is almost over. I can't believe it! For today, I scheduled to meet with my high school best friend, Deci.

Good morning Manila!

Before meeting with her, Jomar and I had breakfast at Jollibee! Yes! Longganisa meal, corned beef meal, and 2-pc Chicken Joy just for the two of us.

Corned Beef
Chicken Joy

That's a 900 calorie meal for breakfast. If that's not enough, on our way back to the condo we saw someone selling taho! Of course, I purchased some and we enjoyed it by the pool area.


Pool Area

After that, Jomar and I went up north of Metro Manila to Trinoma and SM North EDSA. I lived in Quezon City most of the 1st 25 years of my life.

Because of that, my optician is in SM North and I decided to get my eyes checked for free (sorry, Canada eye care is way way cheaper here). I decided to have my lenses changed to one that would turn into a darker shade when it's bright outside (instant sunglasses). It costs Php 2,500 (~$70 CAD) but I had to come back at around 7:00 PM since they still need to order the lenses.

Yes, those are all pillows

While waiting for Deci and after my eye check-up, Jomar and I saw this huge fried chicken pillow in Tickles. It's hilarious! I took a photo and sent it to my siblings. I also purchased for Alyanna this food headband while for Kuya I brought an eye mask that has burgers printed on them. Then, we saw Deci!

Chicken and Pizza on a headband!

Deci is my high school classmate when I was in 2nd year but we've been school bus mates for most of the 4 years. She knows everything from my first boyfriend to all my college crushes, my family problems, my academic and career challenges, and all my joys and pain.

Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes from Taco Bell

When we were in college, I went to DLSU and she went to Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU). They are rival schools but we usually (at least once a month) go on our Taco Bell Thursdays date so we could catch up. When I started working, we would meet quarterly or once every six months but each time we would see each other it always feels like we just saw each other yesterday.

Tea and cake for our bonding

We went to Taco Bell to have lunch. The food is way more expensive than when I left for Canada. The Churros is now Php 69.00 when it used to be $39.00. Anyway, we enjoyed our meal. Afterwards, Jomar did some errands (bank and work) while Deci and I went to The Landmark to buy pajamas for my sister. Then, we walked around Trinoma to find a coffee shop where we could talk. We end up at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

With my best friend, Deci!

There, I told Deci my life in Canada. Everything just like I would every time we see each other. It took me 3 hours to tell her everything. Afterwards, we looked at our old photos together using Google photos. It's so much fun. Right before she left, I gave Deci an awkward hug (she doesn't like to hug) and we said our goodbyes to each other. I can't wait to see her again.

With Deci and Jomar

After Deci left, Jomar and I went to The Landmark so I could buy shorts for swimming then we went to the grocery to buy chips for our Batangas trip the following day. I also saw someone in The Landmark that I didn't want to see but such is life and coincidence.

After our grocery shopping, we went back to SM North EDSA to have dinner at Giligan's (yes, Giligan's Kare-kareng gulay again and I even had sisig). Then, we went to Ideal Vision to have my new lenses installed to my current eye glasses frame.


After our food coma dinner and not being able to see clearly for an hour, I was tired. We decided to go home.

There you have it, my 5th day back home!


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