Vacation: Beijing Layover

I arrived at Beijing a few minutes after 1:00 PM (Local Time). The 10-hour flight was tiring. I remember why I disliked flying trans-pacific. During the flight, I watched The Lego Batman Movie, played in-flight games (Luxor and Suduko), and watched Beauty and The Beast (Emma Watson is so beautiful).
Plane Food from YVR to PEK

Layover Highlights

First, the WiFi access is challenging to get but possible. Second, there's a special line for those in transit. Lastly, the best way to check if you have internet connection is to go to, yes, Yahoo. All of your Google services, Facebook, and Twitter won't work. Even the GPS of your mobile device will not work.

Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA)

What I did in my six hours in Terminal 3 of PEK?

As soon as I got to the departure floor of Terminal 3, the first thing I did was find the currency exchange to have my limited Canadian dollar changed to Chinese Yuan. Then...
  1. I went shopping around for key chain and fridge magnet.

  2. Beijing Fridge Magnet and Key Chain

  3. I had lunch at Tai Hing Restaurant. Expensive food but the roast duck was more than worth it.

  4. Meat Sampler: Pork Barbecue, Soy Chicken, and Roast Duck

  5. I was feeling tired and icky from the 10-hour flight so I went around to find the transit hotel in the airport. Unfortunately, it was fully booked so I went to the restroom with free showers and freshened up.
  6. I went to take a nap at the recliner seats near my boarding gate.
  7. I brought a Starbucks drink to keep me awake.

  8. After arrival at PEK
    After my quick shower
    After my nap

That's my layover in Beijing going to Manila. I will post soon about my vacation in Manila!


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