Weekend of The Khatsahlano Street Party

It's the second weekend of July and we have activities planned out. I like visiting new places, but Vancouver has many events that every weekend feels like a mini-vacation. With that said, below are some of the things we did.

Friday Night at BC Place 

Weekend starts Friday evening. We walked to and from BC Place to watch the Vancouver Whitecaps FC lose to Minnesota FC 3-1. 😐

Despite the results, I enjoyed the view on Cambie Bridge.

View from Cambie Bridge at 6:12 PM

View from Cambie Bridge at 9:47 PM

Saturday Morning at Costco

Because we had a long night with the heartbreaking lost of the 'Caps, we woke up a bit later than planned and went straight to Costco for early lunch and groceries. Just like the night before, we walked across Cambie Bridge to get to Downton Vancouver.

View from Cambie Bridge at 11:36 AM

 We feel more like an adult with our own Costco membership. No more mooching off my parents' card.

Saturday Afternoon at The Khatsahlano Street Party

After running errands, we went home to drop off our groceries and walked to The Khatsahlano Street Party. There are many food booths and vendors as well as beer gardens and live performances on every block. It was such a great time.

The Khatshalano Street Party

I enjoyed my shaved ice and dim sum combo. 🤤

Blessed Sunday Date with Jomar

We started our Sunday with breakfast at Blenz Coffee, then we headed to Sunday Mass.

Afterwards, we went to Royal Seoul House for our Korean BBQ date. We enjoyed grilling, the meat, and even had a bottle of soju. 😁

Interior of Royal Seoul House

As if that's not enough, we walked across the street and had Japanese soufflé pancakes.

To end the weekend, I had to do household chores because we're domesticated. 😂


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