Stickers, Me, and addy

I'm a passionate person. When I love something, I go all in. For example, when I was in elementary, I collected stickers and would save any allowance I got to buy them. Then, I got into washi tapes in high school and decorated my planners as scrapbooks. This hobby of using my planner as a planner and then scrapbook continued in university.

I stopped when I started working. The physical planner has been replaced by Google Calendar, and any event during the day was checked in on Foursquare (now, SwarmApp).

Until I got married. During our first wedding anniversary, Jomar gave me a planner for the following year, but I didn't use them that much until the end of 2021, when I started going back to writing my thoughts in it.

This year, I try to do it every day or worse, once a week. I even committed to designing it by buying stickers from Michael's. I also started cutting stamps from any snail mail we received and just putting them in the planner.

Doodling and writing in my planner is a dose of relaxation and peace. It's also my pause for the day. It allows me to reflect, think back, and be grateful for everything that has happened.

Anyway, this post started because one of the companies I invest in sent me stickers. It seems like a simple shallow thing, but it means a lot to me, who loves using stickers on my planner.

Thank you, addy, for taking the time to snail mail a handful of stickers to me.

Stickers from Addy

Stickers I currently use on my planner.

I invest in real estate with addy—and think you should too 🙌 ! Let's share the joy of home ownership and #InvestTogether 🤝

I joined addy in February 2021 and, to this date, have invested in seven properties. I committed $100 to each property, and one property already had earned $7.22 in "dividends." The rest are still in development; as with any property, it's a long-term investment.

As with any investment, I know there are risks that I lose money. That's why I only invested $100 to diversify my portfolio, but it's nice to see that addy is not a scam because I was able to withdraw any earnings I have and deposit them in my TFSA.

If you want to learn more about addy or ask about my experience, please let me know in the comments below.


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