Whitecaps FC Canadian Championship Final

I moved to Canada from the Philippines in 2015 and have watched the Whitecaps on and off from 2016 to 2020. Last year, Jomar would always remind me to watch the Whitecaps, and we did on TSN consistently. We even managed to watch two games in person last season.

In December, I decided to take the plunge and purchased the Flex Pass. We'll watch 12 of the 17 home games in BC Place. This is a big financial and time commitment. However, with our Flex Pass came a free ticket to the Canadian Championship first game, and I purchased the tickets for today's final at a discounted price.

Home is a Vancouver shirt.

There's an extreme heat warning today, and Vancouver's peak temperature reached 31 degrees Celsius. So we decided to take an Uber to BC Place. Fortunately, the gates opened 15 minutes earlier than expected, and they even gave a "Stand by Me" shirt to the first 15,000 fans.

"Stand by Me" Shirt

We had dinner, then it was the kickoff. Here is the highlight video of the game.

The Whitecaps FC won only their second Canadian Championship. I'm so happy! We decided to stay as late as we could before BC Place started turning off the lights.

One of the first supporters inside BC Place

Celebration after the Whitecaps FC won!

We walked home across Cambie Bridge because the temperature was more bearable and was rewarded with this view.

Taken from the Cambie Bridge with 4x zoom and Night Sight

I'm sleeping satisfied tonight, but I hope they can play like this every game.


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