Stargazer: An Immersive Experience in Outer Space at Tsawwassen Mills

Happy Saturday! I feel extra special today because my husband planned our date. He asked that we go to the Stargazer Exhibit at Tsawwassen Mills, but I wasn't motivated to go, so he insisted and offered to pay.

We started our day with breakfast from Wendy's. It's our first time trying their breakfast options. Check what I thought of it here.

Afterwards, we took the train to Bridgeport and rode Bus 620, which stops at Tsawwassen Mills.

It's a big mall (by Canadian standards). I was telling Jomar that it reminded me of the malls in the Philippines minus the crowd. Before heading inside the mall, a kind stranger asked us if we knew how to go back north (We looked like tourists!), we said no (since it was our first time here), and he kindly explained where the stops were located. 

There are Indigenous art installations all over the interior of the mall. We arrived an hour before 11 AM and had time to walk around and appreciate the artwork.

When 10:45 AM came, we walked to the Stargazer: An Immersive Experience in Outer Space Vancouver. We learned about the history of outer space exploration and future plans. I pray that I am still alive to see and experience space travel when it becomes available for leisure.

Stargazer: An Immersive Experience in Outer Space Vancouver

Beautiful Earth

After the out-of-this-world experience, we had lunch at South Street Burger, then ice cream from Baskin-Robbins. Then, before returning to Vancouver, we walked around the mall to look at sports paraphernalia at Pastime Sports and Games, merchandise at Hot Topic, and shirts at Spencer's.

Then, we headed to the bus stop following Google Maps and ended up at the wrong one. So, we rode Bus 601 instead of Bus 620 Express. I apologize to the kind stranger who explained things to us. He did mention that taking Bus 601 is the scenic route because it has a lot of stops in South Delta.

Thankfully, both Bus 601 and 620 end at Bridgeport train station. When we exited the Broadway station, I told Jomar I was so happy to be back in Vancouver. This has genuinely become home. 

From the train station, we took our usual walk home, and on the way, we stopped by Michael's, where I got new stickers. I am so lucky to have a patient and kind Jomar who walked around with me and provided input on which stickers to get. He's so supportive of my hobbies and things that bring me joy.


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