World Food Tour: A Trip to Afghan Chopan

In celebration of Foursquare Day, I am starting a world tour (while staying in Metro Vancouver) with food based on the Food categories of Foursquare! You may read more about "World Food Tour" on this link.

Afghan Restaurant category

First on the Foursquare alphabetical list of categories is Afghan Restaurants. According to Foursquare, there are four restaurants who are categorized under Afghan Restaurants.

Afghan Restaurant in Greater Vancouver Regional Area

We decided to try Afghan Chopan from the list because it's affordable and it's accessible. East is East is closer to our home and has a higher rating but the food is a mixed of Indian and Afghan food so we went to Afghan Chopan instead.

Afghan Chopan Bakery and Diner

It's a small place (with about 9 chairs and 3 tables) but the branch on No. 3 Road is closing permanently on April 20, 2018. They have a new branch around 10-minute walk near the Richmond Public Market at Westminster Highway.

Afghan Chopan Bakery and Diner Menu

Afghan Chopan Bakery and Diner Menu


They have three choices for appetizer - Bolani, Mantu, and Ashak. Before going here, I was reading in Wikipedia about Afghan food and because of that I decided to get Ashak. I originally want Mantu but I thought it's close to Korean Mandu so I went for something different.

Ashak for appetizer

The dumpling itself is cooked well and it wasn't chewy and it's not fried so it's not crunchy either. The sauce on top is delicious. I love the beans. The sauce shows more of the personality of the cuisine. In the Philippines, we have soy sauce and chili flakes as we like our food saltier. It seems like Afghan cuisine, love their spices and well, tomato based dishes.

Main Course

I chose Afghan Chopan because I think it's affordable and oh boy was I blown away. Jomar ordered Assorted Kebab while I got the Pallow Special. There were so much food! I think it's good for 3 people. Everything is so good! I will go back just for the Pallow! It's mildly spicy and extremely flavorful. Meanwhile, the kebab was seasoned well, tender, and melts in your mouth.

The yellow rice has beef under it (that's Pallow) with side vegetable. Assorted Kebab with side salad  and freshly baked naan.

Side vegetable to the Pallow Special

Assorted Kebab with side salad

We finished everything, just the two of us.


Based on the food we tried so far, it's obvious that Afghan food isn't into extreme. I mean so far, nothing we've tried is TOO spicy or salty so I wasn't expecting the only dessert in the menu to be sweet. It's called Ferney and I was right that it wasn't sweet.


It was soft and when we started digging in, it slowly lost its form. The pistachios on top provided crunch and texture to the whole thing.

Have you tried Afghan food before? How was it?


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