Beautiful Morning in Downtown Vancouver

Spring is here! It still rains more than usual but flowers are starting to bloom and the cherry blossoms are out and beautiful. There's a row in our street! I feel so blessed every time I see them.


I caught my first Mewtwo last Friday in Pokemon GO! There were like 50 or so people at 10 in the morning on a non-working holiday in Downtown Vancouver. It was unexpected and I am impressed.

Walking Downtown

After the raid, we decided to walk around Downtown and it was my first time (yes, more than 2 years in Vancouver and I still haven't visited all the tourist spots) to see the Olympic Cauldron. I didn't expect it to be that big.

Olympic Cauldron

Downtown Vancouver

We walked around the section of the Seawall and learned so much about the interesting people in BC's history by reading all the display information available.

The Drop

Canada Place

It was a great way to spend a holiday morning! I love this city.


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