What happened when we didn't dine out for a month?

I made a post that Jomar and I are doing a one-month challenge of not eating outside food (with some exceptions) as outlined in this blog post. Below is the results after a month.


I lost 4.5 lbs by not eating at restaurants. I know it's not a lot. However, if you see the graph below the sudden spike mid-month is when we went to movies and decided to eat outside food (talk about poutine, burger, nachos, pop corn, and all the salty food you can think of).


This is the biggest change. We "saved" or didn't spend almost $400! I didn't expect that we will save that much. Or that we spent that much in eating out during January and February.

Restaurant / Dining Out Spending

When we started this, I thought that because we didn't eat out our grocery bill will double or increase but it stayed the same. So weird.

Grocery Spending

What do you think of our challenge? Jomar said we had lots of loopholes (LOL) so it wasn't as challenging than it should be but I had such a difficult time already, especially when I am stressed out. Happy Easter everyone!


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