Doing things afraid

I failed my goal for the year of writing two posts a week. I completely missed making a blog post last weekend.

A lot has happened in two weeks.

Work Permit

First, Jomar received his work permit! Finally! I should do a post on how to get your boyfriend in the Philippines to Canada and how Jomar and I did it. He is still looking for employment as an Android Developer. With God's grace, I know Jomar will find his own Gumstix. A company that will embrace and appreciate his skills and talents as much as Gumstix did for me.


Second, I got promoted last week. Gordon and I had late lunch at The Bridges Restaurant. It was my first one-on-one with our CEO and I was scared. Hence, the title doing things afraid. I realized that fear or being scared is normal. We all feel it. The difference would be if we let fear paralyzed us from moving forward.

Beautiful day to have lunch at The Bridges Restaurant

A lot has happened since the start of the year. My direct manager moved to Seattle and managed us remotely. We hired a new full time developer. My co-leader at the Vancouver office resigned to go back to school. Then, we hired a new business development (sales) person. It's been a lot of changes in four months. I am not good with change. It takes me awhile to get used to people.

I was going through the first four months of 2018 scared. It changed at the start of April when I stopped focusing on myself and how I feel and decided to focus on how I could help others. The last four weeks I am more focused on helping our new sales person know our application and our system. The game changer, honestly, is letting Gordon know that I am learning sales from the new guy. He asked if I was enjoying it and I said yes.

Next thing I know, I am Customer Success Manager. Of course, there's more to it and I just don't know what to write.


Third and last, my direct manager (the one in Seattle) just resigned. I found out yesterday before the rest of the team. I was devastated. Gordon said that I will cry. I didn't. Well, ever since forever, I have been good at not crying even if I want to or even if my heart is breaking.

Right now, I feel scared and unsure. God, please help me.

We'll see how the next months will go. I am scared but I will keep moving forward - focusing on how to help my teammates and our customers.


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