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Celebrating Life and Love at Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant

Today is our second wedding anniversary, and we decided to celebrate it in multiple ways.

Happy Anniversary!

Movie Date

We kicked off our celebration with dinner at Dublin Crossing Irish Pub on Marine Drive. Followed by watching Maleficent: A Mistress of Evil in Cineplex.

Stuffed Yorkshire Pudding

When we got home, we decided to exchange our gifts. Of course, Jomar gave the better gift of a Harry Potter Stationery Set, a 2020 planner with my exact specifications (background: when I was in high school and college, I use my planner, not as a planner, but more of a scrapbook and I still have those with me. It's filled with short notes, receipts, and pictures that reminded me of how blessed I am), and an anniversary card with such a sweet message I got tears in my eyes.

Gifts from Love Love
We called it a night and slept until 9 in the morning, Saturday. 9 AM is usually late for us as we're typically awake by 6 or 7 AM. I cooked breakfast, and we watched Tall Girl on Netflix. 

Colourful Bowl of Instant Noodles
We took our time preparing for the day and wondering what to do next since we really didn't make any plans except for dinner.

Lunch at Suika and Walking across Burrard Bridge

We left our apartment at like 1:30 PM and decided to have lunch at our favourite Japanese Restaurant, Suika. I had my usual Katsu Curry and was a food coma. We decided that instead of taking a bus to Downtown, we'll take our sweet time and walk across the Burrard Bridge since it was a beautiful clear day.

Pumpkin Tart

View from Burrard Bridge

We got to Downtown at around 4:00 PM and decided to relax at the first Starbucks we saw. After half an hour, we continued our journey going to the Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant. 

Vancouver Lookout Tower here we come!

Along the way, I got a notification from Google that there's a filming schedule for the day with violent content (i.e. there'll be an explosion, dead bodies, and gun sounds). A portion of West Pender is closed to both vehicle and foot traffic. There are also police everywhere redirecting traffic and making sure everyone is safe and not alarmed by whatever effects they are filming.

Photo of filming in Downtown Vancouver today

Beautiful Views of Vancouver from the Lookout Tower

It's our first time going to the Lookout Tower, but specifically, we went on the floor above, which has the Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant. We have a reservation for 5:30 PM, but we arrived a little past 5:00 PM. We enjoyed two full rotations!

The first video is during our first hour there. The sun is still out and shining brightly. It's an hour before sunset.

The second video is during our second hour, and we got a glimpse of Vancouver in sunset, dusk, and evening. It was a great experience.


We ordered food, of course, since it's a celebration! For starters, we ordered the calamari. For the entree, I had Fettuccini con Salmone Affumicato while Jomar had Steamed Stuffed B.C. Salmon Fillet. We ended our meal with complimentary chocolate cake (first photo above), and Top of Vancouver Tiramisu.


You don't go here for the food but the view of Vancouver. 

Canada Place from The of Vancouver Restaurant


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What is G Suite? Get a free 14-day trial and exclusive discount.