White Rock Beach and Pier: Food, Family, and View

Our family loves the TV series Psych. We love Shawn and Gus and the relationship they have with each other. After watching the series and browsing YouTube for behind the scenes, interviews, etc., we found out that almost all episodes were filmed in British Columbia. Episodes that would feature the University of British Columbia, Stanley Park, and Queen Elizabeth Park always made my heart giddy with joy since I've been to those places. To seal our Psych addiction, our family went to White Rock BC where the agency office of Shawn and Gus is.

White Rock Beach Pier
It is the Psych office at the series, the White Rock Museum and Archives
My parents are enjoying the view. It's the only series I know that my mom truly loved.
It was a fan-girl moment for all of us. When we arrived home, we even watched some of the scenes were this view was exemplarily shown. It was fun!


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