Centennial Beach: Family and View

Today, our family celebrated Victoria Day by having a picnic at Centennial Beach. It was our first time to visit a beach in Canada and my first time to have a picnic with Jomar.

Family Picnic with the rest of the Couples of Christ family

My dad cooked the most delicious Filipino adobo for sharing. It was so good that the other family decided to bring some home with them. My mom was thrilled because a family brought ginataan, a Filipino sweet dessert she'd been craving for a few weeks now.


Therese enjoyed walking on the low tide beach while Alyanna looked at ducks and was trying to make them come closer to her, it was surprisingly fun.

Alyanna observing the ducks

Jomar sleeping in our blanket (or was trying to sleep)

Such a beautiful place

Overall, it was a great day with family and Jomar. It was our first time to be in the Municipality of Delta, and it's the closest so far we've been to the US-Canada border.


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