Food for the Week: Peri Peri Chicken

The first time I tried Peri-Peri Chicken I had to Google search what it is and where it's from.
"Piri-piri chicken is a spicy dish with roots in both Africa and Portugal." -
Below are the Peri-Peri Chicken I have tried so far.

Gostoso Piri Piri Chicken
at Kapitolyo, Pasig, Philippines

Eduardo's Peri Peri
at SM Light Mall, Mandaluyong Philippines

Nando's Flame-Grilled Chicken
at Metropolis Metrotown, Burnaby, BC Canada

What makes a great Peri-Peri Chicken great is the sauce. The sauce from Gostoso is on the side while Eduardo's allows you to mix your own sauce. This is both different than Nando's where the sauce is on top of the chicken.

There you go! Do you recommend a good place in Metro Vancouver where I could try great Peri Peri Chicken? Comment below!

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