Stargazer: An Immersive Experience in Outer Space at Tsawwassen Mills

Happy Saturday! I feel extra special today because my husband planned our date. He asked that we go to the Stargazer Exhibit at Tsawwassen Mills, but I wasn't motivated to go, so he insisted and offered to pay. We started our day with breakfast from Wendy's. It's our first time trying their breakfast options. Check what I thought of it  here . Afterwards, we took the train to Bridgeport and rode Bus 620, which stops at Tsawwassen Mills. It's a big mall (by Canadian standards). I was telling Jomar that it reminded me of the malls in the Philippines minus the crowd. Before heading inside the mall, a kind stranger asked us if we knew how to go back north (We looked like tourists!), we said no (since it was our first time here), and he kindly explained where the stops were located.  There are Indigenous art installations all over the interior of the mall. We arrived an hour before 11 AM and had time

Stickers, Me, and addy

I'm a passionate person. When I love something, I go all in. For example, when I was in elementary, I collected stickers and would save any allowance I got to buy them. Then, I got into washi tapes in high school and decorated my planners as scrapbooks. This hobby of using my planner as a planner and then scrapbook continued in university. I stopped when I started working. The physical planner has been replaced by Google Calendar, and any event during the day was checked in on Foursquare (now, SwarmApp). Until I got married. During our first wedding anniversary, Jomar gave me a planner for the following year, but I didn't use them that much until the end of 2021, when I started going back to writing my thoughts in it. This year, I try to do it every day or worse, once a week. I even committed to designing it by buying stickers from Michael's. I also started cutting stamps from any snail mail we received and just putting them in the planner. Doodling and writing in my planne