Review: Moxie's Grill & Bar, Richmond

It's Therese's birthday, and she always chooses a casual dining pub to have lunch or dinner with the family.
Three years ago (2016), we went to Cactus Club CafeTwo years ago (2017), we went to Earls Kitchen + Bar RestaurantsLast year (2018), we had Romer's Burger BarThis year (2019), we went to Moxie's Grill & Bar Moxie's Grill & Bar First, I love the service! Our server, Jessica, is friendly and she didn't hover around us as other waitresses do at other places.
Second, I like the ambiance. Since we went there on Saturday for lunch, it's practically empty except for two other tables. We had fun catching up. It's been a while (Christmas?) since we're all together sharing a meal. It's great to spend time together.
Lastly, the food is okay. I won't be coming back for the food, that's for sure. For appetizers, dad ordered Calamari and Tableside Fresh Smashed Guacamole which is amusing and fun to eat. Jessica smashed the avocado in fro…

Back in Vancouver

After 10 hours looking at clouds and admiring the icy window,

Being back in Vancouver is good! What's the first thing we did as soon as we landed (and after security check)? Eat. Specifically, eat fish and chips from Pajo.

Fish and Chips Dinner Pajo is a Steveston, Richmond local fish and chips place. It's one of the first fish and chips place I've tried when I migrated to Canada. I had it on my second day. Anyway, Jomar and I had salmon and halibut for dinner.

We went home; unpacked and it's already 11 at night. Time to sleep because we're both going to work the following day.
Wicked Cafe Breakfast After a surprisingly good night sleep, we're up and ready to go back to work. However, our fridge is empty, and we have no food for breakfast. Instead, we decided to have breakfast in a cafe which we always walked by on our way to work.
Wicked Cafe (7th and Hemlock) For breakfast, I decided to have vegetarian pie (which feels like a vegetarian lasagna) and vegetaria…

Layover in Taiwan

We have a 4-hour layover in Taiwan.
What did we do in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport? We walked around Terminal 2 and visited the Hello Kitty boarding gate. Jomar saw new Kit-Kat flavour which he purchased.
We also had dinner in Mos Burger which is a fast-food restaurant chain that originated in Japan. It's pretty good. Now, I feel guilty that I didn't try McDonald's and check out the unique burgers they have in Taiwan.

Review of China Airlines We booked China Airlines because it was the cheapest flight for the days we need to be in Manila. The layover hours were not too long plus I've never been to Taiwan.
Booking was convenient, the check-in process was natural, and the staff were friendly. The food exceeded my expectation. I daresay it's better than All Nihonggo Airlines (which I thought had fantastic food) but not at par with Singapore Airlines.

I can't remember the names of the food we had, but they are all great. What's your favourite thing to d…

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