Vancouver is Home | First Half of May Highlights

We're almost halfway through May, and while the Philippine elections stressed me out, I am constantly reminded to be grateful that I call Vancouver home.

Below are some highlights of our May 2022 so far.

BMO Vancouver Marathon

Jomar ran the half-marathon during the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 1, 2022. Below are more detailed blog posts on how the day went (for me, at least).
Cloudy Day on May 1, 2022 - Perfect Weather for the BMO Vancouver Marathon

I'm proud of Jomar for completing the half-marathon. 🙌

New Chromebook

I have been using a Chromebook since end of 2016, and I've only used Asus Chromebooks. I purchased a 13-inch one (2016), then an 11-inch one (2017), and now I have a 15-inch Chromebook. The two smaller ones are close to end-of-life (no software updates), so I'm giving them to my mom as her travel device.

15-inch Asus Chromebook

Mother's Day Dinner

A detailed mother's day post is here. My siblings have asked me not to post their pictures here (haha), so I will respect their request and use this picture of Jomar and me while waiting for them at the restaurant.

We wore pink!

Vancouver Whitecaps FC Flag Bearer

On May 8, we watched the Vancouver Whitecaps FC game against Toronto FC, but the real highlight of this game is we're flag bearers! We went on the pitch and carried one of the large flags.

View from Cambie Bridge

Every time we were going to watch a game in BC Place, we would walk to and from our home. It's almost 4km each way, and part of the walk is crossing the Cambie Bridge, where I get a chance to take a picture of Science World, False Creek, and the mountains in different weather and time of day.

View from Cambie Bridge
May 8, 2022 (Sunday) at 3:29 PM - After the Toronto FC game

View from Cambie Bridge
May 11, 2022 (Wednesday) at 5:46 PM - Before the Valour FC game

View from Cambie Bridge
May 11, 2022 (Wednesday) at 9:14 PM - After the Valour FC game

I look forward to the rest of this month and year. I'm hoping to travel soon, but I'm still waiting for my Canadian passport.


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